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Here is an article from the front page of the July 19, 1987 issue of "The Way" regarding Metropolitan Stephen Sulyk's visit to Williamstown.

Williamstown Parish Greets The Archbishop

Metropolitan Stephen Sulyk completed a canonical visitation to the Parish of SS Peter and Paul, Williamstown, N.J., on June 7.

The Pastor, Msgr. Walter Paska greeted Archbishop Sulyk that morning, in the company of the representatives of the parish, Peter Arkotyn and John Wasiurko, who offered their welcome in English and Ukrainian.

In his homily during the Divine Liturgy, Archbishop Sulyk stressed the theme of the blessings invoked upon our Church through the Holy Spirit, and on this Pentecost Day, directed the attention of the faithful to prayers to the Holy Spirit for blessings upon our Church, especially for vocations to the religious life.

Immediately after the Divine Liturgy, the members of the congregation had an opportunity to meet the Archbishop for individual blessings and greetings.

(Photo) John Wasiurko (left) and Peter Arkotyn present bread and salt to Archbishop Stephen in Williamstown, N.J. on June 7.

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